Monday, January 26, 2009

1961 Barney & Betty Hill Abduction

What’s your first impulse when you hear a story of someone being abducted by aliens?

Whether it was reported just yesterday or 50 years ago, the reaction will most likely be the same; you find your eyes rolling up under your eyelids while a slight smirk forms unconsciously on your lips and you think to yourself, “Right!” Even if you believe in UFOs and have followed every story of “close encounters” your entire life, you just can’t help being skeptical, can you?

Alien abductions are the stuff of the mentally ill or, at the very least, overactive imaginations, right? Those were my thoughts until Bonny and I finally decided to look into the phenomenon through the use of our Mind Travel techniques, and what we discovered dramatically changed the way I think of aliens and little green men (mostly because the beings she saw were not little, nor were they green, and for all she could tell they weren’t necessarily men!).

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