Monday, January 26, 2009

The Real Roswell

Before we begin visiting many of the notable UFO sites around the world, as is my intention, sites that are commonly referred to as Russia’s Roswell, or Mexico’s Roswell, or Britain’s Roswell, or China’s Roswell, I thought it would be important to do our own due-diligence on the world’s most famous of all UFO crash sites right here in American’s very own state of New Mexico. With the shear infamy of Roswell, it would be near impossible to bring up anything new that hasn’t already been said, written, or reported on, wouldn’t it? Well, that’s what I thought as I began my research, but was I ever wrong. In fact, we discovered so much incredible, never-before reported intelligence that it's just difficult to compile it all.

Should the military be congratulated for finally yielding to the public outcry and offering the total truth in their 1994 “The Roswell Report, Case Closed,” or should we stop wasting our breath and energy on pathological liars who hold themselves above God and the law and find no compulsion in answering to either? Did it happen as the local eye witnesses and the Army first reported, as seen in the “Roswell Daily Record” of July 8th, 1947 (see below), or did the alleged military’s “Project Mogul,” a secret spy balloon covertly tracking Soviet missile tests, crash in the desert spreading mysterious debris for miles in all directions. Which was it, or was it either?! Wouldn’t you like to know what really happened there 61 years ago in the skies over Roswell, New Mexico? Here’s what Bonny and I found out in our first Travel there back in the Fall of 2001:

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