Monday, January 26, 2009

Nazca Lines, Peru

For as long as the northwest coast of Peru has been inhabited by members of the human race, and those same beings have kept an oral or written history of their surroundings, there have been curious accounts passed down from generation to generation of what we now refer to today as the Nazca Lines, named after the Nazca region of Peru where they have existed conceivably for multiple millennia as “obscure” monuments to anonymous architects of perhaps the most mystifying civilization of an unknown time period (see map and satellite image of the area, below).

What has brought these puzzling lines most recently to our attention, and subsequently into this month’s newsletter, was the brief reference made to this geographical area in the very movie that spawned last month’s newsletter, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” Do you remember the part? After the motorcycle chase scene, where they end up crashing on the floor of the college library, as Dr. Jones is discussing Ox’s (Dr. Harold Oxley) scribbled-down riddle with his new sidekick, and son that he never knew he had, Mutt, he realizes the puzzle’s answer as he translates aloud the long-since-dead language, “Follow the lines in the earth only gods can read, which lead to Orellana’s cradle, guarded by the living dead.” It’s the Nazca lines, of course!

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