Monday, January 26, 2009

2004 Spanish Fork, UT Crop Circle

If you’ve ever driven down Highway 189 between Spanish Fork and Salem, Utah, you know that there’s not a whole lot to see except open farm land and an occasional business. But that was all to change on the night of June 6th, 2004.

When I heard the news on the way into work Monday morning, I couldn’t wait to get together with Bonny to find out what we could see of the event—a crop circle in Utah County—the first, ever! Like so many you see on the Internet that look “human made,” I wanted to know if this one in our own back yard was real or a hoax. As we got together that afternoon for lunch, we drove by, but could see very little from the road. Fortunately for us, and every other UFO enthusiast around the area, there was a good-sized hill overlooking the site that was accessible by car, a paved road leading right up to top. As we stood outside of the car looking down into the farm acreage across the highway, a young boy approached us selling photos (someone had already had the entrepreneurial foresight to hire a plane or helicopter and be onsite selling aerial photos for $5 a pop).

It was not a particularly elaborate crop circle when compared to ones that we’re used to seeing with all the impressive geometric patterns integrated into the whole, no this one was fairly plain and not necessarily done with much finesse, some of the lines weren’t even straight; in fact, it looked a little amateurish at first glance. It consisted of what looked like four hollow circles, the largest in the middle, with three smaller circles, two close together and one separated, on the outside of the larger one connected to the center by heavy lines. One of the three outside circles had what appeared to be short beams emanating from it like light rays. This is how the photograph appeared to me; until I happened to turn it upside down (it had a title printed at the bottom which read, “Spanish Fork Crop Circle, June 2004,” indicating right-side up).

What a difference that made! Now, the shadows that had formed what originally looked to me like hollow circles were reversed and instead formed what had the appearance of solid spheres, each a slightly different size, with a sort of ring, or perhaps radiant glow, surrounding it. With this new perspective, the sphere in the center of it all, which was similar in size, had a ring that was huge, and much thicker, in comparison to the others. It literally took me aback to see the dramatic change from hollow circles to solid spheres; it almost had the look of a small planetary system.

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